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A RegEx To Help You Move From Prop-Drilling In React To Using The useContext Hook

I added hooks to my app a while ago, but hadn’t gone through to refactor a number of places where I was drilling props from one component down through to a component many layers deep.

I wanted to see which properties I was passing along a lot, to see what some of the more common offenders were, so I could move them into useContext hooks.

In VSCode there’s a really handy global regex search. Just select the last two options from the search bar ("case senseitive" and “regex”) and paste this in:


The results will look something like this:

A screenshot of VSCode with a search term and its results showing React code.

The regex is doing this:

(.*)"Capture some string of text …"
=\{"… followed by an equals sign and an open bracket …"
\1"… followed by the same exact string of text …"
\}"… with a closing bracket following it."

Obviously, some of the instances that match that pattern will be legit. But if you’re seeing a lot of the same ones over and over, they might be good candidates for moving either into a ContextProvider or closer to wherever you’re using them.

So. Go refactor. Have fun.

(Side note: 485 results in 58 files. Merp. Good news, though: it’s getting better.)