Charlie Park

About Charlie

Hey there. I’m Charlie. I’m friendly and I make stuff.

I’m a front-end developer and product guy for IFTTT.

I live in San Francisco with my wife and three daughters. I love meeting up with People From the Internet, so you and I should hang out sometime.


Apart from IFTTT and PearBudget, I work on a number of distractions that both improve and interfere with my work. You can see them over at the projects page.

Elsewhere Online

I post quotes, articles, and links on attention management over at The Attention Management Blog.

I rarely-but-sometimes post neat things I find online to my tumblelog, at

I’m on Twitter, and would love to meet you. I’m @charliepark.

Bookmarks are at Pinboard.


Twitter (@charliepark) or e-mail ( are the best ways to reach me.