Charlie Park!

(or, rather, his tumblelog)

About Me

Hi there. I’m Charlie. I live in San Francisco and write code, but that’s the boring bit. I’m at my best when on an adventure with my family. So I try to optimize for that.

This is me with a beard. I no longer have a beard.

A picture of meeee.

Work Stuff

Work-wise, I’m a frontend engineer (but I’ve also spent time in people management, and my team loved me — the team I led had a CultureAmp engagement score of 95%, which is one of the highest in the industry). I’m at LaunchDarkly, but past-me worked at Slack, IFTTT, and at an indie personal finance webapp I built called PearBudget.

This Tumblelog

I created the framework for this tumblelog (using Eleventy) because blogging had gotten boring. I had been feeling like things I wrote had to be just right to merit posting. That’s silly. So! A tumblelog.

If you’re interested in an Eleventy-based tumblelog like this one, you’re welcome to check out the code, though I need to polish it up a bit before it works out of the box.


My email is You’re also welcome to connect with me via a DM on Twitter.