Charlie Park!

(or, rather, his tumblelog)

Get You a Coach for Great Good!

So I’ve benefitted greatly from working with a therapist over the last year. (This is mine.) He asks great questions, has helped me better understand both myself and my relationships, and has helped me train my ability to get work done more effectively. I highly recommend working with a therapist or coach if you can.

A good friend of mine is also an excellent coach, and has recently opened up a few slots for new clients. If you’re interested, she’ll give you a free session to see if you click. You can check her out and sign up for a free session here: Coaching With Lane. It’s kind of incredible how insightful she is, and how quickly she picks up on little things you say / don’t say, and follows up with just the right amount of curiosity to make you pause, reflect, and open a new door of understanding. It’s pretty wild, to be honest.

If you’ve been thinking about finding a coach, but have been waiting for a sign, consider this the sign and check out her coaching. There are few uses of your precious time that’ll be more useful than reaching out to see if she can help you get unstuck.