Charlie Park

On the kidnapping of 276 girls

I don’t want to repeat what I’ve already written over at, so it’s probably best if you just head over there.

But in short, I’m having a really hard time processing what Boko Haram has done — and, apparently, is continuing to do — in Nigeria.

If you haven’t heard: They are a terrorist organization that has kidnapped 276 teenage girls, raped them, and either killed them or sold them into slavery.

The reason? These girls were at school, taking a physics exam. That’s the reason. That’s why. The group is so dedicated to fighting the influence of “the West”, they would do unspeakably horrible things to prevent girls from getting a “Western” education.

There’s an evil here that’s incomprehensible to me.

I wanted to do something to honor these girls. I’m hoping you, do, too.

There’s a big “ask” there. I know money’s tight for everyone. If you can’t donate the full amount, please donate something. And if you’re on Twitter, Facebook, etc., please please share the link. If you have questions, reach out on Twitter: @charliepark.

Thank you for reading. Please join me in this.

You can see what I want to do, and you can get involved, by visiting